"Margaret Tolbert's experience of Florida's springs changed dramatically the day she donned a mask and plunked her face below the water's lens-like surface. She says she felt like Alice, crossing through the looking glass into an alter world, where nothing was as it seemed. Up until then, springs were something Tolbert was aware of—they were often in the background at family picnics when she was growing up—but she'd never experienced them."

Florida springs painter finds conversation "inescapable"—an article from Wild Muse.

The new edition of "Alachua County Talks" , which premiered on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 7:30 pm on Cox channel 12, features an in-depth interview with renowned artist Margaret Ross Tolbert. Tolbert discusses her new book "Aquiferious," which took a Florida Book Awards gold medal in the non-fiction category and silver medal in the fine arts category.

The Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute is a program of Florida's Eden, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to uniting 30 counties in north Florida for the purpose of protecting natural resources and using environmental and creative assets to build a sustainable and prosperous economy.

Jon Wilson's FORUM Magazine article article describes Tolbert, Aquiferious, the contributors and the magic of the springs.

Jack Davis' op-ed piece, "Florida's beauty at risk", underscores the urgency for protection of the springs.

"There are brushstrokes of indigo, swaths of blue and green that flow from separate beginnings into swirling wholes to spur a thirst for more: more knowledge, more information, more representation." Continue reading more from the article, "Paintings illuminate Florida's springs".

"From tiny trickles known only to deep backwoods explorers to mammoth gushers like Wakulla, Manatee and Silver Springs, Florida's 700 natural fountains rank among the world's greatest wonders." Continue reading more from the article, "Florida's Natural Springs, the Real Fountains of Youth".